It Continues: 2 Pennsylvania Coal Plants Will Close for Good Next Week

"The coal sector is in its death throes, thanks to cheaper alternatives and a growing distaste for what is the worst of the global-warming fuels. The latest casualties: two coal-burning power plants in Pennsylvania that will pump their last energy into the grid, and cough their last pollution in to the air, this weekend."

"Officials with FirstEnergy Generation told state lawmakers on Thursday that their 370-megawatt plant in Washington County and its monster, 1,710-megawatt facility in Greene County will shutter next week, with little to no hope of them being sold or reopened."

John Upton reports for Grist October 4, 2013.


"FirstEnergy Affirms Plan To Shutter 2 Plants" (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

"In Decline, Coal in Crosshairs in Va. Gov's Race" (AP)

Source: Grist, 10/07/2013