IPCC Management Structure, Procedures Needs Reform: Panel

"NEW YORK -- The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 'needs to fundamentally reform its management structure and strengthen its procedures,' finds a report issued today by the InterAcademy Council, an Amsterdam-based organization of the world's science academies.

While the process used by the Nobel Prize-winning IPCC to produce its climate science assessment reports has been 'successful overall,' the council recommends that the panel's chair, working group co-chairs and a newly proposed executive director all be limited to the term of one assessment - about seven years.

The part-time nature and fixed term of the IPCC chair's position has many advantages, the Council said in its report, but "the current limit of two six-year terms is too long." "

Environment News Service had the story August 30, 2010.


"IPCC Climate Change Panel Needs Transparency, Review Panel Finds" (Christian Science Monitor)


Source: ENS, 08/31/2010