Iowa House Passes Bill Limiting Drone Surveillance Of Livestock Facilities

"The Iowa House passed legislation Tuesday restricting drone surveillance of livestock facilities without the permission of the property owner.

“Remotely piloted aircraft” could not fly within 400 feet of homesteads or areas where agricultural animals are kept if House File 572 becomes law. People caught violating these restrictions would face a simple misdemeanor for intruding on farm airspace, and could face a serious misdemeanor charge if the device records images, sounds or other data.

The bill is a response to animal welfare organizations documenting conditions and treatment of animals at Iowa livestock and dog-breeding facilities. Iowa legislators have repeatedly passed so-called “ag-gag” laws to attempt to criminally penalize activists who record and publish images and videos of livestock facilities and businesses. Judges have ruled that the laws are unconstitutional."

Robin Opsahl reports for States Newsroom April 11, 2023.

Source: States Newsroom, 04/12/2023