"Interior: Fresh Inquiries, New Bill Take On Bernhardt Ethics Concerns"

"A Northern California congressman has renewed his targeting of acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt with the introduction of a new ethics reform bill.

Calling Bernhardt the "poster child of corruption in the Trump administration," Democratic Rep. Jared Huffman yesterday unveiled a measure that would increase lobbying reporting requirements and impose stricter "revolving door" limits, among other measures.

"Congress must hold the executive branch accountable, and the law should not allow a walking conflict of interest like David Bernhardt to participate in the same agency decisions that he was recently paid to influence as a lobbyist," Huffman said in a statement.

And in other variations on the theme, the private watchdog group Campaign for Accountability today filed a complaint with congressional officials alleging Bernhardt may have violated the Lobbying Disclosure Act, while lawmakers sought more information from one of his past clients."

Michael Doyle reports for Greenwire April 5, 2019.

Source: Greenwire, 04/08/2019