Indian Trans Woman No Longer Begging After Donated Electric Rickshaw

"BENGALURU, India — When Preethi moved to Bengaluru in southern India 10 years ago after being kicked out of her family home for being transgender, she hoped for a better future.

But 38-year-old Preethi, who only uses her first name, couldn’t get consistent work. For most of the decade, her main way of making money was begging on the city’s streets, making her susceptible to abuse and violent crime. “I just didn’t want that kind of life anymore,” she recalls.

Then in March last year, she got a chance to turn things around. She got the keys to her very own electric rickshaw, using it to make a living by transporting passengers around Bengaluru’s clogged roads. She’s now one of millions of electric vehicle owners in India, but one of very few to have received an EV through a charitable donation. "

Sibi Arasu reports for the Associated Press August 30, 2023.

Source: AP, 09/06/2023