If You Miss August's Blue Supermoon, Your Next Chance Is In 9 Years

"The moon will seem extra big and bright and thus be quite a sight this August, with a sturgeon supermoon visible on Tuesday and then a rare blue supermoon coming at the end of the month.

Two of the four supermoon events of 2023 will take place in August, with the first happening on Tuesday. On Aug. 30, there will be a blue supermoon, which won't happen again until 2032. Here's what you need to know so you can catch this summer's lunar double feature.
What is a supermoon?

A perigean full moon, better known as a supermoon, happens when the moon is full during the closest point in its orbit around Earth. This gives its appearance an extra pop, making it look up to 8% bigger and 16% brighter than a typical full moon, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac."

Dustin Jones reports for NPR July 31, 2023.

Source: NPR, 08/02/2023