"How Coal Holds On In America"

"In North Dakota coal country, officials rally to save a coal-fired power plant at renewable energy’s expense."

"UNDERWOOD, N.D. — David Saggau, the chief executive of an energy cooperative, tried to explain the losing economics of running a coal-fired power plant to a North Dakota industry group more than a year ago.

Coal Creek Station had lost $170 million in 2019 as abundant natural gas and proliferating wind projects had cut revenue far below what it cost to run the plant. After four decades sending electricity over the border to Minnesota, Coal Creek would be closing in 2022, Saggau said, and nobody was clamoring to buy it.

“We made folks aware that the plant was for sale for a dollar,” Saggau, of Great River Energy, told the Lignite Energy Council during an October 2020 virtual meeting. “We’re basically giving it away.”"

Joshua Partlow reports for the Washington Post January 17, 2022.


"Sale of North Dakota’s Largest Coal Plant Is Almost Complete. Then Will Come the Hard Part" (Inside Climate News)

Source: Washington Post, 01/19/2022