"House Republicans Announce Major Energy Package As Top Priority Bill"

"House Republicans on Thursday announced that a major energy package that has been in the works for weeks will be known as H.R.1, signifying that it’s the party’s top priority for the congressional session.

The bill, called the Lower Energy Costs Act, is expected to include a large slate of energy policy proposals.

It includes proposals aimed at speeding up the country’s approval process for energy and mining as well as limiting states’ ability to block projects like pipelines that run through their waters, according to press releases from the House Natural Resources and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

The bill is also expected to to include suggestions from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which on Thursday took up legislation that would prohibit a ban on fracking, limit the president’s authority to block cross-border project permits — such as President Biden’s blocking of the Keystone XL pipeline — remove restrictions on natural gas imports and exports, as well as repeal portions of the Inflation Reduction Act that provided funding to address climate change and pollution."

Rachel Frazin reports for The Hill March 9, 2023.

Source: The Hill, 03/10/2023