House Fails To Override Biden Veto Of Resolution To Overturn EPA Water Rule

"The House of Representatives on Tuesday failed to override President Joe Biden’s veto of a resolution to overturn an Environmental Protection Agency water rule.

Republicans have called the rule federal overreach and argue it places a burden on the agriculture community by being too restrictive in defining what is a navigable waterway. Democrats counter, saying the rule is critical for protecting the nation’s waterways and safeguarding clean water.

A two-thirds majority vote would have been needed in both chambers of Congress to override the veto – a high threshold that was not expected to be met. The final vote was 227-196 with 10 Democrats crossing over to vote with Republicans to override the veto, and one Republican voting with the Democrats against the resolution."

Clare Foran, Kristin Wilson, and Haley Talbot report for CNN April 18, 2023.

Source: CNN, 04/19/2023