"Greta Thunberg Says Climate Talks Are Becoming a ‘Greenwash Campaign’"

"Ms. Thunberg and other activists also spoke about the critical role that young women have played in pressuring world leaders to take action on climate change."

"GLASGOW — The United Nations climate conference in Scotland has become a venue for world leaders and business executives to pretend they are taking action on climate change without following through, the climate activist Greta Thunberg said on Thursday.

Speaking on the sidelines of the summit meeting, known as COP26, the 18-year-old Ms. Thunberg said the event was “sort of turning into a greenwash campaign, a P.R. campaign,” for business leaders and politicians.

“Since we are so far from what actually we needed, I think what would be considered a success would be if people realize what a failure this COP is,” Ms. Thunberg said.

At panel events Thursday at The New York Times Climate Hub in Glasgow, Ms. Thunberg and other young female activists, including Vanessa Nakate and Malala Yousafzai, also spoke about the critical role that young women have played in rallying protesters and pressuring world leaders to take action."

Jenny Gross reports for the New York Times November 4, 2021.


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Source: NYTimes, 11/05/2021