"As Fracking Proliferates, So Do Wastewater Wells"

"GONZALES, Tex. -- In a dusty lot off the main highway in this South Texas town, Vern Sartin pointed to a collection of hose hookups and large storage tanks used for collecting wastewater from hydraulic fracturing jobs."

"'We run about 30 to 40 trucks a day, 24-7,' Mr. Sartin said. 'Depending on how the oil fracking is going out there, if they’re hustling and bustling, then we’re hustling and bustling.'

Mr. Sartin is a watchman at a disposal well operated by Gulf Coast Acquisitions, where each day oil and gas companies dispose of wastewater by pumping it deep underground."

Terrence Henry and Kate Galbraith report for the Texas Tribune March 28, 2013.


"While South Texas Sees Dollar Signs, Roads See Damage and Accidents" (StateImpact Texas/NPR)

Source: Texas Tribune, 03/29/2013