"Forever Chemicals From a Forever Fire"

"Alabama residents aim to test blood or urine for PFAS amid underground Moody Landfill fire."

"MOODY, Ala.—When Danielle Cusimano brought her newborn baby, Saylor, home from the hospital in December 2022, it was hard to keep the smoke out.

The Cusimano family lived a few miles from the site of the Moody landfill just northeast of Birmingham where a month earlier, in November 2022, a fire had sparked to the surface, causing a blaze that covered dozens of acres and, in places, burned as deep as 150 feet, according to fire officials.

That fire, which more than a year later has not been fully extinguished, billowed thick, dark smoke for months. Cusimano said there was no way to keep her child from being exposed. And soon, Saylor’s symptoms began. Her daughter experienced nosebleeds and constant ear infections, symptoms her doctor ascribed to the child’s exposure to smoke, according to her mother. Once, Saylor was so congested an ambulance had to come to her home to treat her."

Lee Hedgepeth reports for Inside Climate News March 30, 2024.

Source: Inside Climate News, 04/02/2024