FBI Investigating Toxin-Laced Letter Sent To Green Group In New Mexico

""There is no place in a functioning democracy for anyone to resort to the use of terror," said the head of the local League of Conservation Voters."

"The FBI is investigating a letter laced with a toxic chemical and filled with threats and antisemitic symbols that was sent anonymously to an environmental voters group in New Mexico.

It was directed at Conservation Voters New Mexico, the state Democratic Party and state Rep. Nathan Small. The lawmaker, a Las Cruces Democrat, co-sponsored a statute that commits New Mexico utilities to a carbon-free energy system by 2045, the Albuquerque Journal noted.

A tested sample of the material discovered in the letter sent Wednesday contained “ingredients of a potent toxin used in terrorist attacks,” according to a statement by the voters group, an affiliate of the national League of Conservation Voters. The substance, though, was in an inert form that was not harmful, according to the statement from the environmental group."

Mary Papenfuss reports for HuffPost October 29, 2022.


"Letter Laced With Chemical Sent To Advocacy Group" (Albuquerque Journal)

Source: HuffPost, 10/31/2022