"As Europe Bakes In Heatwave, Wildfires Rage From Portugal To Croatia"

"LEIRIA, Portugal/RASLINA, Croatia - Wildfires raged across tinder-dry country in Portugal, Spain, France and Croatia on Thursday, burning homes and threatening livelihoods, as much of Europe baked in a heatwave that has pushed temperatures into the mid-40Cs in some parts.

Nations across southern Europe - experiencing the second heatwave in as many months - have been hit by a series of wildfires over the last few weeks.

In Portugal's central Leiria district, tired firefighters battled to control blazes that have been fanned by strong winds. Footage from the area on Wednesday showed smoke darkening the sky and billowing across a highway, while flames licked around the roofs of houses in one small village."

Catarina Demony and Antonio Bronic report for Reuters July 14, 2022.

Source: Reuters, 07/15/2022