"EPA Would Get 19% Boost to Record High Funding in Biden Budget"

"The White House’s fiscal 2024 budget asks for $12 billion for the EPA, a 19% increase over its current enacted level and a record high amount that’s almost certain to be trimmed during congressional negotiations.

The money would be used to drive a wide range of President Joe Biden’s environmental priorities, such as winding down carbon emissions, cleaning up pollution, addressing environmental justice, and catching and penalizing violators.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s current enacted budget is $10.1 billion, its highest level since 2010. But that figure is also 14.7% lower than what Biden had requested. With Republicans now in control of the House, and Democrats holding only a narrow majority in the Senate, the fight over the EPA’s budget is likely to grow far more intense."

Stephen Lee reports for Bloomberg Environment March 9, 2023.


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Source: Bloomberg Environment, 03/10/2023