EPA Puts Chesapeake Bay States on Notice

"Federal officials began a sweeping crackdown on pollution in the Chesapeake Bay on Friday - threatening to punish five mid-Atlantic states with rules that could raise sewer bills and put new conditions on construction.

The move by the Environmental Protection Agency is part of the biggest shakeup in the 27-year history of the Chesapeake cleanup. Earlier, when states failed to meet deadlines to cut pollution by 2000 and 2010, nothing happened.

Now, the deadline has been moved to 2025 - but the EPA is already threatening states that lag behind.

On Friday, the agency went after Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and New York, which together account for more than 70 percent of the pollution that causes 'dead zones' in the bay. The agency told the states their plans contained 'serious deficiencies" and said it could force them to make up the difference with expensive new measures."

David A. Fahrenthold reports for the Washington Post September 25, 2010.


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Source: Wash Post, 09/27/2010