"EPA Proposes ‘Strongest Ever’ Limits On Coal Plant Discharges"

"Coal-fired power plants are facing another crackdown as the Biden administration moves forward with plans to limit toxic discharges into lakes and rivers in a major strike at one of the largest sources of industrial water pollution.

EPA is pursuing stricter limits on wastewater released by coal plants, unraveling a controversial move by the Trump administration to loosen those standards. The agency said Wednesday that the changes will see pollutants in discharged wastewater reduced by around 584 million pounds, in what EPA Administrator Michael Regan called the “strongest ever” limits offered under any president.

Speaking with reporters Tuesday afternoon, Regan said that the decision was rooted in deep concerns around public health, as well as a wider mandate to aid low-income communities and people of color. He cited the Biden administration’s directive to “follow the science” and said hard data had prompted the proposal."

E.A. Crunden reports for E&E News March 8, 2023.


"More Coal Plants Could Shut Down Under EPA’s New Water Pollution Rule" (Washington Post)

Source: E&E News, 03/09/2023