"EPA Outlines $630 Million Plan To Curtail Tijuana Sewage Pollution"

"SAN DIEGO — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced a $630 million plan to capture and treat sewage-tainted water that routinely flows over the border from Tijuana into San Diego Bay.

The Union-Tribune reported Tuesday that the plan includes installing a pumping system in the Tijuana River north of the Mexico border to suck polluted flows out of the channel before they can foul shorelines in Imperial Beach and points north.

Booms would be installed directly upstream to keep trash out of the intake.

The EPA hopes to break ground on the project by 2023, the newspaper said. The upgrades would also include building a facility to treat the diverted river water from not only the new pumping station but an existing facility in the river operated by Mexico just south of the border."

The Associated Press had the story November 9, 2021.


"EPA Outlines $630-Million Plan To Curtail Tijuana Sewage Pollution in San Diego" (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Source: AP, 11/10/2021