Enviros Highlight Industrial Emitters in Environmental Justice Communities

"A new report on toxic pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, health metrics and environmental justice indicators could guide investments to clean up heavy industry."

"GARY, Ind. — It has been a bittersweet homecoming for Maya Etienne. Her affection for her birthplace runs deep—despite the decline of the city’s once-robust steel-manufacturing industry.

The chance to be close to family and friends again has been especially sweet—her two children, 14 and 12, became part of the town’s close-knit community since Etienne moved back to Gary from Boston in 2013.

But then there’s the bitter part: shortly after the family arrived, Etienne’s daughter, Roya, came down with a persistent runny nose and began wheezing intermittently as if she were having an asthma attack. The cause, Etienne believes, is linked to the towering plumes of smoke from the city’s steel mill.

“I love being in Gary,” said Etienne, 41, who works with a local group that promotes sustainable economic development. “But at the same time, I’m like, my child needs to be able to live in a space where she can breathe with no issues.”"

Aydali Campa, Phil McKenna, and Victoria St. Martin report for Inside Climate News September 14, 2023.

Source: Inside Climate News, 09/15/2023