"Environmental Group Outbids Rancher For Idaho Grazing Lease"

"BOISE, Idaho — An environmental group that wants to end public-land grazing has outbid a rancher in central Idaho for a grazing lease on state land that includes habitat for bull trout and steelhead.

Western Watersheds Project’s bid of $8,200 last week won the 20-year grazing lease on 620 acres (250 hectares) in central Idaho’s Sawtooth Valley in Custer County.

The group and the Idaho Cattle Association say it’s possible other state grazing leases could be sought by other environmental groups.

Bidding on the lease for the allotment that is bordered on the west side by Idaho State Highway 75 started at $250 at the auction held by the Idaho Department of Lands in Jerome. Western Watersheds will also have to pay an annual $800 fee based on the number of sheep or cattle authorized for the allotment."

Keith Ridler reports for the Associated Press August 27, 2021.

Source: AP, 08/30/2021