"Electric Vehicles: Biden's EV Plan Is Enormous. And Maybe Too Small"

"When President Biden rolled out his infrastructure plan last week, one number towered above the others: $174 billion for electric vehicles.

In just a few digits, it demonstrated how central EVs are to Biden's vision for transportation, energy and climate change. EVs got $74 billion more than the electric grid and clean energy, $59 billion more than roads and bridges, $89 billion more than public transit, $94 billion more than railways, and $132 billion more than airports and waterways combined.

Yet many in EV world say it might not be enough.

The problem, they say, is that Biden's plan is so difficult and unprecedented that it's hard to know how much it will cost. It aims to stimulate the massive uptake of EVs, which are now scarce and viewed with doubt by many Americans. Meanwhile, it would orchestrate the construction of a brand-new, nationwide fueling network that arrives just as the vehicles do. And it has to do it all quickly to fend off the climate crisis."

David Ferris reports for E&E News April 8, 2021.

Source: E&E News, 04/09/2021