"Electric Vehicles: 4 Ways 2021 Could Be The Year Of The EV"

"Whether you look to the manufacturing floor or the Oval Office, 2021 is shaping up as pivotal year for the electric vehicle.

"I'm becoming more optimistic that 2021 could become a breakout year for EVs," said Nick Nigro, the founder of Atlas Public Policy, echoing a common view among industry observers.

The billions of dollars that major automakers have sunk into vehicle development are starting to manifest into mainstream vehicles with features people want. And the EV will have an ally in President-elect Joe Biden, who has made it a centerpiece of his plan to combat climate change.

Yet several factors could make the party fizzle."

David Ferris reports for E&E News January 5, 2021.


"Electric Cars Rise To Record 54% Market Share In Norway" (Guardian)

Source: E&E News, 01/06/2021