"Climate Reporting Gets EPA Help as Wall Street Rules Face Fight"

"The EPA is poised to scrutinize companies’ pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while Wall Street’s regulator braces for a court battle over its sweeping plan to police corporate disclosures about climate change.

The Environmental Protection Agency received $5 million from Congress last month to help standardize corporate climate action commitments and emission reduction plans and make them more transparent.

The move comes as the Securities and Exchange Commission nears completion of rules for public companies to report their emissions and progress on climate goals, drawing lawsuit threats from Republicans and business interests.

The EPA can boost corporate climate reporting now, though the agency only can do so much on its own, said Steven Rothstein, managing director of the Accelerator for Sustainable Capital Markets at Ceres, a nonprofit organization founded by investors and environmentalists."

Andrew Ramonas and Stephen Lee report for Bloomberg Environment September 21, 2022.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 09/22/2022