"Climate Protests Over Private Jets Disrupt Geneva Airport Flights"

"GENEVA - Around 100 climate protesters demanding a ban on private jets disrupted flights at Geneva Airport on Tuesday and blocked entry to an aircraft exhibition at Europe's flagship business jet event.

The protest took place on the tarmac where business jets from companies like Airbus and Gulfstream were on display, with activists carrying signs saying "#BanPrivateJets" and "WARNING: Private jets drown our hope."

They sat below the jets in bright yellow vests and blocked entry to prevent potential buyers from getting on the aircraft as security scrambled to clear them from the area.

Four people were treated for injuries, including demonstrators and security, Geneva Airport said in a statement. It said all flights were suspended for an hour, with delays expected throughout the day."

Cecile Mantovani and Joanna Plucinska report for Reuters May 23, 2023.

Source: Reuters, 05/24/2023