"Churches Deliver a Jolt of Energy To Michigan Renewables Measure"

"Faith communities see a moral obligation to support a constitutional amendment requiring Michigan utilities to buy more renewable energy."

"DETROIT – A renewable energy initiative on Michigan's ballot is finding support in an unlikely place – churches.

'As a pastor, I look at the call in the first book of Genesis, to care for the Earth, and to the gospels' call to love thy neighbor,' said the Rev. Terry Gallagher, a pastor at Sacred Conversation in Trenton, Mich. 'If we don't change energy paths, we're dooming the future of the Earth.'

The Renewable Energy Amendment would mandate that Michigan get 25 percent of its electricity from renewable resources by 2025. The proposal was filed by Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs, a coalition of state businesses, labor organizations and health care advocates.

The amendment has drawn national attention because it would make Michigan the first state to have a renewable energy standard in its constitution."

Brian Bienkowski reports for the Daily Climate October 9, 2012.

Source: Daily Climate, 10/09/2012