"Chicago, Northern Illinois Will See Billions Of Noise-Making Bugs Soon"

"IL will have rare double brood emergence of cicadas".

"CHICAGO -- The cicadas are coming; billions of them.

"The noise is actually kind of deafening. It sounds like 100 chainsaws being used at the same time," said Jim Louderman, a collections assistant in the Field Museum's Insect Division.

Illinois will have a double brood emergence of periodical cicadas, expected on or around May 15.

"This year is really, really important because for the first time in 221 years, both the 13- and the 17-year cicadas will both emerge in Illinois at the same time and there will be a small cross over area north of Champaign and Springfield," Louderman said."

Larry Mowry and Blanca Rios report for WLS/ABC7 April 23, 2024.


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Source: WLS, 04/26/2024