Canada’s Plans To Crack Down On Greenwashing Don’t Go Far Enough: Advocates

"A new report calls out the oil and gas industry’s misleading marketing tactics, from ‘cherry-picking the truth’ to ‘petro-science fiction’ and vague buzzwords".

"A new federal government proposal to crack down on corporate greenwashing in Canada doesn’t go far enough to stop the oil and gas industry from using misleading marketing tactics, two environmental advocacy groups have argued.

The government tabled amendments last week that, if passed, would require businesses that market products as protecting the environment or mitigating the effects of climate change, to be able to back up those statements with evidence. They also boost the Competition Bureau’s ability to investigate deceptive marketing practices.

The amendments are meant to tackle “misleading greenwashing that we’ve seen some companies engaging in,” Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne told reporters at an Ottawa press conference on Nov. 28."

Carl Meyer reports for The  Narwhal December 7, 2023.

Source: The Narwhal, 12/08/2023