Can 'Sustainable' Branding Save the World?

"By late 2007, Steve Newcomb had been the director of two companies and founded three more. He’d lubricated the insides of the oil, telecom, marketing and mobile service industries, creating $3 billion in corporate wealth.

And that’s when he realized that everything was all wrong.

The government was doing things wrong. Businesses were operating wrong. If people are going to live on this planet for another 10,000 years, he told himself, “Everything has got to change.”

He sold his wireless company, Powerset, to Microsoft for $100 million and created Virgance, a for-profit company peddling goodness. The mission: to breed capitalism and activism, spawning a new societal model."

Kera Abraham reports for the Monterey County Weekly June 11, 2009.

Source: Monterey Co. Weekly, 06/12/2009