"California Releases First-Ever Fracking Regulations"

"Wading into one of the hottest environmental debates in the nation, California on Tuesday released its first-ever regulations for hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," the increasingly common -- and controversial -- practice of freeing oil and gas from rock formations by injecting chemicals under high pressure into the ground."

"The rules proposed by the administration of Gov. Jerry Brown would require energy companies to disclose their fracking plans to the state 10 days before starting operations. The companies also would be required to post to an online database with the locations of their work and the chemicals used, and they would face new rules for testing and monitoring their wells.

'There is a high degree of public interest in this, a high degree of legislative interest, and interest in the Brown Administration in having rules that are clear,' said Jason Marshall, chief deputy director of the California Department of Conservation.

Environmental groups immediately blasted the rules as weak and riddled with loopholes."

Paul Rogers reports for the San Jose Mercury News December 18, 2012.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, 12/19/2012