California Pollution Regulators Place New Rules On Warehouse Industry

"Southern California air quality officials have adopted first-of-their-kind rules on warehouse distribution centers in an effort to cut truck pollution, increase electrification and reduce health risks in communities hit hardest by lung-damaging diesel exhaust.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District’s governing board approved the rules Friday on a 9-4 vote after an hours-long public hearing.

The rules apply to nearly 3,000 warehouses across the region and mark the first comprehensive effort to limit the environmental impacts of the booming goods-movement industry. As massive logistics warehouses have proliferated in areas that are disproportionately Black and Latino, increasing numbers of diesel trucks are plying routes closer to homes, schools and neighborhoods that are already burdened with some of the dirtiest air in the nation."

Tony Barboza reports for the Los Angeles Times May 7, 2021.


"E-Commerce Mega-Warehouses, a Smog Source, Face New Pollution Rule" (New York Times)

Source: LA Times, 05/10/2021