British Gardening Chains Drop Pesticides Blamed for Killing Bees

"Pesticides blamed for killing bees have been removed from the shelves of Britain's biggest gardening chains, prompting calls for similar chemicals widely-used on farms to be banned completely."

"Neonicotinoids, a family of pesticides, have been linked to bee decline in a series of scientific papers.

After studying the evidence, B&Q and Wickes took the decision to remove two popular bug killers containing neonicotinoids.

Campaigners, who claim that the pesticides are responsible for the recent collapse in bee numbers, welcomed the move

But Lord Peter Melchett, Policy Director at the Soil Association, questioned why other garden centres are allowed to carry on selling products containing neonicotinoids."

Louise Gray reports for the London Telegraph January 29, 2013.

Source: Telegraph, 01/30/2013