"Brazil Evicts Miners From Yanomami Territory, Prepares For More Removals"

"BRASILIA - Brazil has ousted almost all illegal gold miners from the Yanomami territory, its largest indigenous reservation, and will remove miners from six more reserves this year, the head of the federal police's new environmental crimes division said Tuesday.

Police are setting up new Amazon bases and seeking international cooperation on law enforcement in the region, including the development of radio-isotope technology to prove the illegal origin of seized gold, Humberto Freire told Reuters.

Freire is the director of the newly-created environment and Amazon department of the federal police, marking what he called a new era in the battle against environmental crime and in defense of indigenous people in the rainforest."

Anthony Boadle and Ricardo Brito report for Reuters March 22, 2023.

Source: Reuters, 03/22/2023