"BP Delays $10 Billion Gulf of Mexico Project Due To Rising Costs"

"BP's largest new oil project in the Gulf, called Mad Dog Phase 2, sits atop a 4 billion barrel oil field. BP blames 'market conditions and industry inflation' for delay."

"Industry-wide, rising development costs have forced BP to re-evaluate its $10 billion oil project in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Mad Dog 2 development was set to become BP's largest new oil project in the Gulf of Mexico for over a decade. Construction was expected to begin this year with the first oil pumped before 2020, but the rising costs have now made this plan difficult to justify, and the company has had to return to the drawing board to come up with a new plan, which will most likely involve a delay of a year or so.

The oil field at Mad Dog 2 is estimated to contain four billion barrels of oil equivalent. The project will see a second platform constructed on the field, linked to 33 new subsea wells which will extract the oil."

Charles Kennedy guest-blogs for the Christian Science Monitor's Energy Voices
April 23, 2013.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 04/24/2013