"Big Oil Abandons $2.5 Billion in U.S. Arctic Drilling Rights"

"After plunking down more than $2.5 billion for drilling rights in U.S. Arctic waters, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, ConocoPhillips and other companies have quietly relinquished claims they once hoped would net the next big oil discovery.

The pullout comes as crude oil prices have plummeted to less than half their June 2014 levels, forcing oil companies to cut spending. For Shell and ConocoPhillips, the decision to abandon Arctic acreage was formalized just before a May 1 due date to pay the U.S. government millions of dollars in rent to keep holdings in the Chukchi Sea north of Alaska.

The U.S. Arctic is estimated to hold 27 billion barrels of oil and 132 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, but energy companies have struggled to tap resources buried below icy waters at the top of the globe."

Jennifer A Dlouhy reports for Bloomberg May 10, 2016.


"As Firms Abandon Arctic Drilling, Obama Comes Under Pressure To Do More To Avert Dangerous Warming There" (Washington Post)

Source: Bloomberg, 05/11/2016