"Bali Hosts First Centre To Return Captive Dolphins To The Wild"

"BANYUWEDANG BAY, Indonesia - Just a year ago, Rambo was confined to a shallow, chlorinated pool in an Indonesian hotel on the island of Bali entertaining visitors from around the world by jumping through hoops.

Now, the bottlenose dolphin is swimming freely after being brought to what organisers say is the world’s first permanent rehabilitation centre under a project initiated by Bali’s government and animal rights groups.

“It’s a model. It can be duplicated. And we’re trying to do that in Europe as well, in Italy and in Crete,” said Ric O’Barry, an animal activist and founder of the Dolphin Project, the charity that runs the centre."

Sultan Anshori reports for Reuters July 8, 2020.

Source: Reuters, 07/09/2020