Australian PM Scott Morrison Shouted Out Of Town Razed By Wildfire

"Residents yelled at the visiting leader for his inaction, telling him he should be “ashamed” and that he’d “left the country to burn.”"

"Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison hastily left the bushfire-ravaged town of Cobargo on Thursday after furious locals berated him for his inaction on the devastating wildfires that killed two people and razed the town’s main street days earlier.

A father and son lost their lives when a destructive blaze roared through Cobargo on Monday. Dozens of buildings in the historic town, about 330 miles south of Sydney in the state of New South Wales, were lost.

The prime minister’s subsequent visit to “offer comfort” as not well-received. A video of the interaction shows Morrison grabbing and shaking the hand of a woman who had refused to offer her hand."

Josephine Harvey reports for HuffPost January 2, 2020.


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Source: HuffPost, 01/03/2020