Anti-Abortion Christians Protest EPA Loosening Mercury Standards

"SALT LAKE CITY — Anti-abortion Christians are among those protesting an Environmental Protection Agency proposal that would limit consideration of health benefits in regulating mercury and other toxic emissions from industrial sources like coal-burning power plants.

"Today, over 145,000 pro-life Christians from across the country — including over 94,000 from states that voted for President Trump — are calling on the Trump administration to stop its efforts to dismantle protections that defend children in the womb from mercury pollution," the Rev. Mitchell C. Hescox, president of The Evangelical Environmental Network, wrote for The Hill. "Dismantling these protections is wrong, and it does not square with our faith or the faith of millions of pro-life Americans."

Wednesday was the last day for public comment on changes to the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, which the Trump administration proposed in December. The changes would overturn federal rules imposed by the Obama administration, which the Environmental Protection Agency now says are too costly to justify."

Erica Evans reports for the Deseret News April 17, 2019.


"Faith Groups Pray Outside EPA To Stop Mercury Rule Changes" (Greenwire)


Source: Deseret News, 04/18/2019