Analysis: "The 2023 Farm Bill Should Be A Climate Bill, Democrats Say"

"Don’t look now, but the divided Congress could pass a major climate change bill.

No, it’s not version 2.0 of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Democrats’ sweeping climate and health-care package. Rather, the farm bill — the five-year reauthorization of hundreds of billions of dollars in agriculture and food programs — could help farmers tackle the climate crisis while feeding the nation.

Congress has until the end of September to reauthorize the farm bill, which typically passes with bipartisan support. Already, House Democrats are working to include provisions aimed at helping farmers store more carbon in the soil, plant more trees and become more resilient in the face of extreme weather, Rep. Kim Schrier (D-Wash.) told The Climate 202.

“We’ve already started planning for the farm bill and how to push the policies that are great for farmers, great for soil health and also great for the planet,” said Schrier, who is co-chairing the House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition’s Climate and Agriculture Task Force."

Maxine Joselow reports for the Washington Post with Vanessa Montalbano February 16, 2023.


"U.S. Senate Panel Spars Over Elevated Food Assistance Spending In Upcoming Farm Bill" (States Newsroom)

Source: Washington Post, 02/17/2023