"After Rockets Strike Near Nuclear Plant, Ukraine and Russia Trade Blame"

"Moscow accused Ukraine of striking near spent-fuel storage at the Zaporizhzhia power plant, while Ukrainian intelligence said it was a move by Russia to destroy infrastructure."

"Ukraine accused Russian forces on Sunday of imperiling a captured nuclear power plant, saying that a catastrophic radiation leak was “miraculously avoided” after rockets landed on the complex’s grounds. It was the latest threat to Europe’s largest nuclear facility, where fighting in the southern region has prompted fears of a major accident.

The rockets fired Saturday evening hit near a dry spent-fuel storage facility containing 174 casks, each with 24 assemblies of spent nuclear fuel, according to Energoatom, Ukraine’s nuclear energy company. One person was wounded by shrapnel and many windows were damaged in the attack, which a pro-Russian regional official attributed to Ukrainian forces.

Russian forces have controlled the Zaporizhzhia plant since March, using it as a base to launch artillery barrages at the Ukrainian-controlled town of Nikopol across the Dnipro River for the past month. Saturday’s assault included a volley of rockets that Ukrainian officials said damaged 47 apartment buildings and houses, adding that Ukraine cannot answer the attacks for fear that a counterassault would set off a radiation disaster."

Vivian Yee reports for the New York Times August 7, 2022.

Source: NYTimes, 08/08/2022