643 Freedom Of Information Requests: The Narwhal Fights For Transparency

"Governments continue to put up roadblocks that promote secrecy, flying in the face of the law and thwarting accountability"

"Six hundred and forty-three.

That’s how many freedom of information requests our journalists at The Narwhal filed across the country in 2023 as they dug deep to uncover information governments would otherwise keep secret.

We file such a large volume of freedom of information requests because there are too many secretive government officials across the country who avoid being transparent or answering questions about the issues you care about.

But for every request that leads to groundbreaking stories — from the Greenbelt scandal in Ontario to lobbying and greenwashing by oil and gas giants — there are countless more that are met with efforts by government bodies to delay or deny access to important information you have a right to know.

Case in point: earlier this month, I got a copy of a contract that revealed a municipal government in Canada had hired consultants to help it respond to a freedom of information request from Ainslie Cruickshank, The Narwhal’s biodiversity reporter."

Mike De Souza reports for The Narwhal December 21, 2023.

Source: The Narwhal, 01/02/2024