"2024 Could Be A Big Year For PFAS Bans: Report"

"New report from Safer States finds “forever chemicals” could be banned in more uses than ever in 2024 state bills."

"Policymakers in 36 states will consider more than 450 bills that deal with toxic chemicals in 2024, according to a new analysis of anticipated state legislation from Safer States.

Safer States is a national alliance of environmental organizations aimed to protect people from harmful chemicals. Most of the anticipated bills in their new report will deal with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), water quality, plastics and cosmetics. The analysis estimates 35 states will introduce policies to ban PFAS chemicals in some of the chemicals’ uses.

And the policies will go beyond bans, such as food packaging, the authors write, and will include monitoring and testing of PFAS in water, sewage sludge (which is often spread on farms and can contain the chemicals), and labeling and restrictions in firefighting equipment."

Environmental Health News had the story February 8, 2024.


"Federal Court Finalizes $1.2B PFAS Settlement Involving Major Firms" (The Hill)

Source: EHN, 02/09/2024