"20% Of Wisconsin Wolves To Be Killed After Court Sides With Hunters"

"Wolves lost protection in the last days of the Trump administration. Now hunters want their trophies before President Joe Biden changes things."

"Nearly 20% of all the wolves in Wisconsin are marked for death this week after a hunting group based in Kansas won a court appeal to rush the hunting season.

“We expect this to be detrimental to our wolf population,” Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf and Wildlife executive director Melissa Smith told the Wisconsin Public News Service. “You remove one [wolf], you’re essentially destabilizing and killing the entire pack.”

Because of the timing of the hunt, during breeding season, pregnant wolves will likely be killed.

“We’re disturbed to see the wolf hunt launch with practically no process or public engagement,” Elizabeth Ward, director of the Wisconsin Sierra Club Chapter, said in a statement. “This hunt represents an unprecedented and extreme departure from sound, science-based wildlife practices.”"

Mary Papenfuss reports for HuffPost February 22, 2021.

Source: HuffPost, 02/23/2021