October 5, 2009 to October 9, 2009

AMA Conference on Radar Meteorology

An American Meteorological Society meeting.
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Two Agencies Hide Neglect of Coal-Dam Safety with Secrecy

US EPA and Army Corps of Engineers say they "cannot make the list of 'high hazard' coal ash impoundment sites public," even though risk to communities exists -- like the December 2008 pond failure at the Kingston Fossil Plant in Tennessee.
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Troubling Predictions Come True For Reporter And Friends



"We have a different fear of hurricanes."

My friend Yasmin was trying to rationalize her fearlessness in the face of an imposing Hurricane Katrina, expected to make landfall near New Orleans the next day, from her first-floor Uptown apartment.

But I was having difficulty, although safe in a hotel room near Memphis. I was frantic, yelling into the phone at Yasmin, "You cannot stay there."

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