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6,000 Sign Petition Asking NY DEC To Strengthen Gas-Drilling Regs

"An Ithaca environmental activist and 6,000 other individuals and organizations asked the governor Tuesday to withdraw the state's newly drafted regulations on natural gas drilling, saying the state's entire regulatory framework needs to be strengthened before more drilling occurs."

Source: Ithaca Star-Gazette, 12/09/2009

NY Files Show 270 Drilling Accidents in Past 30 Years

"As the debate over the merits of Marcellus Shale development reaches a crescendo, an Ithaca researcher has culled a list of 270 files documenting wastewater spills, well contamination, explosions, methane migration and ecological damage related to gas production in the state since 1979."

Source: Elmira Star Gazette, 11/09/2009

"Watching the Changes in Narragansett Bay for Half a Century"

A trawl survey that has been conducted weekly for some 50 years in Narragansett Bay is finding profound changes in the composition of sea life there. Biologically, the news is bad. Despite huge investments in cleaning up the Bay, climate change seems to be the villain.

Source: Providence Journal, 10/26/2009


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