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Methane, a Key Global Warming Source, Is Targeted by Nations

Carbon dioxide may get more attention, but the second-most damaging greenhouse gas, methane, is now the focus of a global pledge to cut emissions 30% by 2030. ​​As part of a Society of Environmental Journalists publishing project focused on covering climate solutions, we take a closer look at methane with energy reporter Nushin Huq. A primer on the climate-related problems of methane and the promise of methane-based solutions. Plus, watch a recent SEJ methane solutions webinar and see our Methane and Climate Change Toolbox.

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"Who Is Mary Peltola? Dem Beats Palin In Historic Alaska Race"

"Mary Peltola’s win yesterday in a special election for an Alaska House seat sent shock waves through the political universe. And while the Democrat beat two Republicans, including former Gov. Sarah Palin, Peltola is a moderate and a firm backer of the state’s oil and natural gas industry."

Source: E&E News, 09/02/2022

"Alaska’s Snow Crabs Have Disappeared. Where They Went Is A Mystery."

"The theories are many. The crabs moved into Russian waters. They are dead because predators got them. They are dead because they ate each other. The crabs scuttled off the continental shelf and scientists just didn’t see them. Alien abduction."

Source: Washington Post, 08/26/2022

"Alaska Experiencing Wildfires It’s Never Seen Before"

"Alaska is burning this year in ways rarely or ever seen, from the largest wildfire in a typically mainly fireproof southwest region to a pair of blazes that ripped through forests and produced smoke that blew hundreds of miles to the the Bering Sea community of Nome, where the normally crystal clear air was pushed into the extremely unhealthy category."

Source: AP, 07/25/2022

"Hawaii National Park Gets Land Where Ancient Villages Stood"

"Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island was given new land on Tuesday in a deal that will protect and manage a pristine white sand beach and ocean bay area that is home to endangered and endemic species and to rare, culturally significant Native Hawaiian artifacts."

Source: AP, 07/13/2022

"Biden Admin Signals Support for Controversial Alaska Oil Project"

"The Biden administration took a key step toward approving a huge oil drilling project in the North Slope of Alaska, angering environmental activists who said allowing it to go forward would make a mockery of President Biden’s climate-change promise to end new oil leases."

Source: NYTimes, 07/11/2022


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