Responding to Climate Change in the Caribbean

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June 13, 2011 to June 14, 2011

The Caribbean is highly vulnerable to the effects of global warming, and is one of the regions likely to be most profoundly affected by the impacts of climate change both in the short and long-term. Increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, rising sea-levels, and damage to marine eco-systems already threaten Caribbean environments, human settlements and livelihoods. A host of initiatives has been launched by governments, NGOs, and the private sector over the past decade in the search for effective economic, social and technological responses, with varying effectiveness. And the nations of the Caribbean are increasingly active in international climate change negotiations.

But the region’s diversity socially, politically, economically, and geographically, represents a unique challenge both for regional policy responses to climate change, but also for international cooperation and governance. Equally, the Caribbean’s trading partners and investors face a range of challenges, and perhaps opportunities, in their future engagement with the region.

This policy-focused conference aims to bring together researchers, officials and representatives of the private sector and NGOs to find effective, forward-looking responses to climate change in the Caribbean. It will assess progress to date, highlighting lessons learned: the problems and obstacles as well as successes.

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