Methane Removal: On the Critical Path to Reducing Peak Global Temperatures

Event Date: 
September 15, 2022

Please join former UK chief science advisor Sir David King and a roster of leading experts on Thursday, September 15, 2:00 - 3:30pm Eastern time for a webinar on the science and governance of methane removal, a potential game changer for the climate.
Record high and rapidly rising methane concentrations in Earth's atmosphere are driving at least a third of global warming.  The Global Methane Pledge and increased national regulatory efforts to cut methane emissions reflect growing recognition that we are in a methane emergency.  
But in addition to aggressively cutting methane emissions wherever we can, for those methane emissions that can't be avoided we will also need to develop and deploy methane removal technologies.
Methane removal could be key to lowering atmospheric methane concentrations, rolling back radiative forcing, and lowering global peak temperatures significantly. It could also prevent or mitigate possible methane feedback loops, where warming temperatures cause much more methane to be released from natural sources such as wetlands and permafrost, which in turn causes more warming, and more methane releases, accelerating climate change.
Methane removal has vast potential. Promising methane removal technologies are under development now, but they need funding, and their development and deployment need to be done right, guided by rigorous science and responsible governance.
Sponsored by the NGO Methane Action, this webinar features leading experts in the science and governance of methane removal, presenting and answering your questions on how methane removal technologies work, what they can accomplish, and how to realize their game-changing potential quickly.  
Confirmed speakers include:

  • Sir David King, founding chair of the Center for Climate Repair at Cambridge University and former chief scientific adviser to the UK government
  • Rob Jackson, Stanford University professor and Global Carbon Project chair
  • Renaud de Richter, Science Advisor, Methane Action
  • Durwood Zaelke, president, Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development
  • Wil Burns, Northwestern University visiting professor, previously founding co-director of American University’s Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy
  • Zerin Osho, international climate law and policy specialist, based in India Climate Law and Policy Adviser, Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development
  • John Fitzgerald, Legal Counsel, Methane Action
  • Daphne Wysham, CEO, Methane Action

There will be a robust Q&A session for participants following the presentations. Journalists can also arrange side interviews with presenters following the webinar.
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