Ten Questions Ken Ward Jr. Is Waiting for EPA to Answer

  1. How is the 1 ppm "safe level" calculated? What was EPA's involvement, and how does this method match EPA's standard approach to such things?
  2. EXACTLY what is being done to contain and remediate the site? What is the process going forward for dealing with that?
  3. How is EPA's response to Sen Rockefeller's letter asking for a long-term study?
  4. Has EPA reviewed the enforcement actions DEP had to take at the Nitro site where Freedom was taking this material? Is EPA concerned that, given that, neither Freedom nor DEP can be trusted with the cleanup? How could that stuff not have been watched more closely?
  5. Is EPA concerned that DEP never inspected this site before?
  6. Is there something about this chemical that might mask its impacts or its continued presence in our water?
  7. How do we know the flushing methods given to the public work, and what will the long-term impact on home plumbing systems be of having this industrial chemical in them?
  8. Can the local wastewater treatment plant properly filter this material from water being put back into the river?
  9. Has EPA reviewed the study or studies that were the basis for the LD50 for this material?
  10. Is EPA concerned about the lack of emergency planning, the lack of data about this chemical, and the lack of it being considered in the source water protection plan for the Elk site?

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