Rail, Other Accident Reports Now Online

April 9, 2008

Unlike lawyers, reporters sometimes chase ambulances for the benefit of their readers. Environmental reporters who want to keep track of accidents on their beats may want to know about these useful tools and resources.

  • The Transportation Department's Federal Railroad Administration has posted online its reports of railroad accidents during 2002-2007. Some of those accidents have environmental health and safety consequences. FRA Release of April 1, 2008. FRA accident investigation gateway page.
  • The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board posts online information about its investigations. Completed investigationsgoing back to 1998. Current investigations. Other info, including breaking news and recent clips.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board also posts reports on its investigations. NTSB covers aviation, highway, marine, pipeline, rail, and other incidents. Major reports. Other reports.
  • The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission posts daily the "event notification reports" that it receives - the hottest news being here. A great many other reports and documents on nuclear accidents and safety can be found in the NRC's online electronic reading room.
  • Although it has starkly reduced in the past 8 years the amount of data it makes publicly available, the Mine Safety and Health Administration posts data files with accident information online. Some computer skills are necessary to use it.


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