TipSheet Publication To Be Suspended

February 15, 2012

SEJ regrets to announce that biweekly publication of the TipSheet will be suspended after the next issue pending renewal of adequate funding. TipSheet's run goes back to a start sometime before July of 1996. We thank all our readers for their interest and support over the years.

There is some chance the TipSheet may be reinvented and that similar content from SEJ might reappear in new forms and media. In order for this to happen, it will help if you let us know what you did and didn't like about the TipSheet:

  • How many times a year did you use material from it to cover a topic?
  • What topics are useful or interesting? Which would you like to see covered in the future?
  • What type of information is most useful — government policy, government reports, private sector actions, scientific studies, breaking news, energy or natural resources issues, environmental health developments, international news, national news, local news, or any other way you want to characterize your interest? All of the above?

There may be a formal survey on this subject soon, and we encourage you to participate. Please send feedback via email to Joe Davis or Beth Parke.

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